Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints

Significant displacements due to thermal movements on central heating pipes create thermal stresses resulting in bending of pipes and irritating noise. To prevent these problems, Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints may be preferred to absorb these movements.

This type of expansion joints are self-guided axial expansion joints. They can have threaded or weld ends specially constructed for heating pipelines.

These expansion joints are equipped with Stainless Steel bellows and balance of material is Carbon steel unless otherwise asked for. They are protected with a cover against outer damages, and they are mounted easily.   

Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints
Advantages of Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints
  • Deformations in pipes and noise resulting from thermal stresses are prevented
  • Minimum/maximum limits and pretension are observed easily with the help of limiting pin
  • Internal sleeve prevents pressure losses and misalignments while external cover prevents external damages. Internal sleeve (liner) also prevents “whistling” noise due to flow
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • Supplied ready to use
  • Low pressure loss
Applications of Central Heating System Type Expansion Joints
  • Heat and ventilation systems, water pipes etc. in large buildings, hospitals and similar constructions
  • Domestic water pipe systems
  • At 70/90°C heating, one expansion joints per pipe length is sufficient to absorb movement of 30 metres of pipe in carbon steel
  • One unit is enough on average 10 floor building which is 30 metres tall in one direction
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Design Values
DN15 – 100
Bellows Material304, 316, 321
Balance MaterialCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Design Pressure16 barg
Design Temperature400°C
Design Movement±25 mm

Please consult with our technical department for different working conditions and design parameters.