Partnering up with Klinger outsourcing


This is the reason why KLINGER Advantage has developed, in collaboration with the best customers in your industry, your business model based on the idea of the Total Value of Property  (Total Cost of Ownership).

Total Value is not only a matter of cost savings (according to the TCO principle), but also has to do with  maximizing the net value for different actors  (internal customers, suppliers, end customers …). This approach is based on four pillars:  price, process efficiency and growth, risk management and sustainability and operational excellence and innovation .

KLINGER Outsourcing: Integral Valve Management and Sealing

The inefficiencies of the supply chain such as excess inventory, excess bureaucracy in purchasing processes, decentralized purchasing management and dispersion of poorly managed warehouses are an incalculable cost for a company.

Our solution is oriented to offer to the purchasing organizations a greater control of the investment in valves and materials as well as of the acquired services, savings that really are reflected in the results and a greater and better collaboration with the supplier, which becomes a partner in the development of the business, allowing these organizations to engage in strategic activities with greater added value.


  • Cost reduction by removing excess inventory, reducing obsolete and minimizing the total cost of supplying products to the MRO
  • Productivity improvement, through a “just-in-time” supply chain (just in time), having the product just when your work team needs it, with a service level contract commitment for critical parts.
  • Outsourcing of the stock of products for MRO and inventory management to adapt the stock to the real demand.
  • Greater transparency based on detailed consumption reports, maintenance of the product catalog and updating of the data.
  • Streamlining purchasing processes by eliminating bureaucracy and offering an e-commerce solution for electronic information exchange.
  • Support by a team specialized in contract management and with the technical support of our team of product managers and quality control.