SAD-M 180° Actuators: Precision Control

AMG part-turn actuators type SAD-M 180° are characterised by the main design elements rack and pinion. The rotary motion is generated by the linear motion of two pistons acting against each other. The racks of the two pistons engage with the pinion, which transmits the rotary motion to the valve. The piston movement is effected by compressed air on the piston surfaces.

The transverse forces occurring during the sliding movement of the pistons are absorbed by guide rods. This ensures perfect axial guidance of the pistons so that the piston seals function well and permanently. The rack and pinion principle results in a uniform torque curve during the switching process due to the constant effective distances of the racks and pinions.

In AMG part-turn actuators of type SAD-M 180°, the movement is generated with compressed air. When the outer chambers are ventilated, the selector shaft rotates clockwise (valve closes). When the inner chamber is ventilated, the stem rotates counterclockwise (valve opens).

AMG part-turn actuators type SAD-M 180° are designed for rotary movements of 0°, 90° and 180° and have a flange connection according to DIN ISO 5211 for the automatic actuation of multi-way valves. Several switching options 0°-90°-180° / 180°-90°-0° / 0°-180° / 180°-0° can be approached.

Technical Specifications:

Design: Pneumatic double-piston quater-turn actuator
Design features: rack-pinion principle, lead management piston rods
Swivel angle: 120 ° or 180 ° (adjustable blow over, external End stops)
Control pressure: min 2 bar, max. 10 bar
Control medium: filtered, dry air or any non-aggressive, gaseous media
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to +80 ° C
Mounting Position: Any
Corrosion resistance: Industrial atmosphere
Lubrication: Continuous lubrication with grease to DIN 51825-K2K-30
Torque: from 3.5 Nm to 7051 Nm (see torque table)

Maintenance and inspection:

AMG part-turn actuators type SAD-M are maintenance-free. Prerequisites for this are the correct assembly of the actuator, perfectly prepared control medium and normal ambient conditions.