Noise pollution causes harm to the environment when gas, steam or air expands and exits the application.  Vent silencers are mounted after relief valves to reduce noise pollution to a bearable level. Relief valves are commonly used in i.e. power stations, as well as chemical, petrochemical and other similar plants. Our product range consists of nine different types of vent silencers, which are suitable for use with air and its constituents, steam, natural gas and technical gases. Let us help you select the most suitable vent silencer to your application!

Our partner Glaunach has manufactured noise control equipment since 1950 and is nowadays specialised in noise control for industrial plants. Innovative design and strong emphasis on quality control quarantee durable, high-quality vent silencers. 6000 Glaunach vent silencers can today be found in use in over 80 countries around the world.