Industrial lab setup with a blue gas cylinder, metal equipment on a bench, and a monitor displaying a green graph curve, provided by an industrial supply company in Louisiana, in a room with metal wall panels

215 square meters of knowledge at KLINGER Schöneberg

New test laboratory at KLINGER Schöneberg: ✔ Leak tightness test bench ✔ Life cycle test bench ✔ Torque behavior test bench ✔ Analysis station ✔ TTC ✔ Fire Safe Tests In order to deliver the best possible results, a test laboratory needs state-of-the-art equipment, constant conditions with regard to light, air, hygiene and temperature as […]

Two smiling men in business suits, one with glasses, standing closely together against a light gray background. The taller man, an employee of an industrial supply company in Louisiana, places his hand on the other

KLINGER CEO interview: ‘We see ourselves as a solution provider’

Interview with KLINGER CEOs Christoph Klinger-Lohr and Daniel Schibli: Looking back at 2021 and previewing 2022 at the KLINGER Group More service! More sustainability! More automation! And a stronger social media presence! When KLINGER CEOs Daniel Schibli and Christoph Klinger-Lohr review the past year and venture a look into the future, they spread a spirit […]

A panoramic view of the blue lagoon in Iceland, featuring visitors in geothermal waters with mist rising around them, surrounded by a rugged landscape and tailored fluid monitoring solutions under a vibrant sunset sky.

KLINGER Denmark serves unique geothermal systems in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland as well as four district heating lines of Rejkavik are supported by KLINGER’s Ballostar valves. KLINGER Ballostar valves are successful throughout Iceland, suitable to meet multiple specialized geothermal and district heating needs for both public and private use. Today, Iceland’s geothermal power plants produce more than 25% of the country’s […]

Modern two-story commercial building with a white facade, black windows, and a parking lot with cars. It's an industrial gasket solutions provider located in Baton Rouge, situated in a manicured landscape under

KLINGER Italy acquires Spiralit

Spiralit joins the KLINGER Group. Product range: ✓ soft gaskets ✓ spiral wound ✓ kammprofile ✓ metal jacketed ✓ metallic gaskets ✓ flange insulation ✓ packings ✓ seal rings