KLINGER Brazil acquires Parva, expert for valves and chlorine cylinders

Expansion in South America: KLINGER Brazil acquires Parva.

A family-run business, specializing in valves for chlorine cylinders.

KLINGER has been operating in Brazil for more than 50 years. The group has now acquired the local producer of valves, Indústria Mecânica e Artefatos de Metais Parva Ltda. The successful family business brings specialized products with promising potential into the group.

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Family has always been one of the KLINGER Group’s ingredients for success. It has been, after all, a family-run business itself since 1886, just like Parva. Parva was founded in 1949 and operated by the Guerrini and Battistoni families since then. Their management has always given priority to quality, efficiency, professionalism, responsibility and trust. At the end of last year, Parva began looking for a buyer and they found the right match with the KLINGER Group.

Contacts mentioned in the article:

  • Hélcio Lopes, production manager at KLINGER Brazil
  • Jairo Tromboni, head of fluid control production planning at KLINGER Brazil
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Long-term vision

Parva’s products perfectly complement the KLINGER portfolio: their highly specialized valves are widely used in pressurized containers of chlorine and sulphur dioxide throughout South America. Exports to the US and Argentina are now on the itinerary and, since chlorine tanks are essential to the water industry, KLINGER Brazil also plans to expand in this direction by 2030.

As a member of the KLINGER Group, the name Parva will continue to be synonymous with valves for chlorine cylinders. In the future, Parva will manufacture under the name KLINGER Brazil, but continue to deliver their products with the same high quality, as well as supplying their customers with the excellent service and support they have become accustomed to.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Which kind of products does Parva offer?
    Besides manufacturing its main product, valves for chlorine cylinders, Parva produces emergency and safety kits, as well as hoses and valves for chlorine trucks.
  • For which purpose are valves for chlorine cylinders needed?
    Valves for chlorine cylinders are mainly used in waste water disposal and water treatment. Since leaking chlorine is highly dangerous, special safety standards are implemented, e.g. an emergency air button connected to a chlorine gas detector.
  • To which countries will Parva ship through KLINGER Brazil?
    In addition to Brazil, Parva valves can now also be acquired in Argentina and in the USA.

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Hélcio Lopes, KLINGER’s production manager, and Jairo Tromboni, head of fluid control production planning, with Parva employees.