The reasons why: KLINGER® Manifold Valves

Are you interested in knowing the reasons why you must incorporate Manifold KLINGER’s Valves on your industrial plant? If it does, you are on the correct site.

What makes them special?

That its system is more compact, safer and more efficient than others.

Steam tracing systems are used in industry whenever there is a need to heat pipes that carries fluids that solidify at room temperature. In specific cases, a large number of branches lines is necessary to carry out this work, thus, there is also a need for many pipe fittings and small diameter valves which, in addition to the installation and maintenance difficulties, are also potential leaks points.

In order to make these systems more compact, safer and more efficient, KLINGER developed the KLINGER® Manifold that join in a single body combinations of 4, 8 or even 12 valves with an exclusive piston sealing system that provide:

  • Leak-tight shut off
  • Long service life 
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance

Other reasons why you must incorporate Manifold KLINGER’s Valves on your industrial plant:

  • The KLINGER® Manifold simplify the tracing applications
  • Its compact design optimizes space
  • Furthermore, it easy design reduces installation costs
  • They can also be supplied with shut-off valves, steams traps and filters already installed

How do it act?

A stainless steel piston enclosed by two valve rings makes up the sealing element. The upper valve ring provides the steam seal, while the lower valve ring seals the passage.

This contact between the piston and the upper ring replaces the packing and bonnet seals – items found in conventional valves.

Technical specifications


  • Body / Bonnet: ASTM A 260 WCB
  • Piston: AISI 304
  • Sealing: KX GT graphite rings
  • Handwheel: Cast Iron
  • Stud Bolts: ASTM A 193 grade B7
  • Bonnet Nuts: ASTM A 194 grade 2H

You can know more about them on our website or downloading the portfolios.

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