SADF-M 180° Actuator: Advanced Motion Solutions

In the case of single-acting actuators, the piston force produced by compressed air not only for the movement of the valve, but also for tensioning the springs for the return. On the other hand, in the case of the actuator type SADF-M 180°, the springs are preloaded separately by the pressure force in the end positions (0° and 180°, respectively) generated by compressed air. As a result, the available air torque MA is constant over the entire pivoting range. AMG SADF-M 180°  actuators are designed for rotary movements of 0° and 180° and have a reproducible spring-centered 90° center position.

Technical specifications:

Design: Pneumatic double-piston quater-turn actuator
Design features: Toothed rack-pinion principle, piston guide via guide rods
Rotation angle: 180 °, adjustable via blow-out external end stops
Control pressure: at least 2 bar; Max. 8 bar
Control medium: filtered, dry compressed air or all non-aggressive, gaseous media
Ambient temperature: -25° C to + 80° C
Installation: any
Corrosion resistance: industrial atmosphere
Lubrication: Permanent lubrication with grease DIN 51825-K2K-30

Maintenance and inspection:

AMG SADF-M quater-turn actuators are maintenance-free. The condition for this are the proper design of the drive, perfectly prepared control medium, as well as normal ambient conditions.