SPD & SPS Actuators: Precision and Power in Motion

The scotch-yoke as a further type of actuator has a U-torque characteristic, which is favorable for valves (maximum torque requirement in the end positions (OPEN / CLOSE) and shut-off valves (maximum torque requirement in the closed position).
Special kinematics have particularly advantageous mechanical properties at large armatures or at high flow rates. In these applications, a hydrodynamic torque acts on the shut-off element.         

This torque can even exceed the nominal torque requirement of the valve.

Technical specifications:
  • Scotch yoke mechanism, with symmetric and canted scotch yoke type
  • Angle of rotation: 90°
  • Pressure range: 2 bar up to 12 bar
  • Ambient temperature: -29°C up to +90°C
  • Resistance to corrosion: Atmospheric industrial
  • Permanent lubrication
  • Torques up to 400.000 Nm