Weld End Expansion Joints

Weld end expansion joints are equipped with carbon steel or stainless steel pipe connections.

Even though they can absorb movements in any direction, this model is mainly used for axial movements. If lateral movement is requested, a universal type may be more suitable. These type of expansion joints can be supplied with limit liners, covers, rods, hinges or gimbals.

Available for exhaust gas, liquid medium and steam. Bellows are calculated following latest EJMA standards. Also, weld end type expansion joints may have a double bellows which are designed for absorbing the higher lateral movements.

Weld end expansion joints
Advantages of Weld End Expansion Joints
  • Economical when it is compared with other flange end expansion joints
  • No need for gaskets
  • Welded, no leakage possible
Applications of Weld End Expansion Joints
  • DN ½”, ¾ “and 1” N
  • Hot and cold water pipelines
  • District heating pipelines
  • Steam pipelines
  • Ship building and exhaust systems
  • Geothermal water application
  • Chemical industry
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
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Design Values
DN25 – 1000 (consult our technical department for diffent diameters)
Bellows Material304, 316, 321
Weld End MaterialCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Design Pressure6, 10, 16 barg
Design Temperature400°C

Please consult with our technical department for different working conditions and design parameters.