EDP Rupture Discs: Pressure Relief Solutions

For Low to Medium Vacuum and Pressure Cycling

The single-layer EDP explosion vent is recommended for protection against fluctuating or cycling working pressures of silos, filters, bucket elevators, bunkers, cyclones. The domed construction provides high stability up to a pressure ratio of 70 %. The rated breaking points (Pat.No. EP 07 73 393) are integrated within the mounting frame. The standart burst pressure pstat is 0.1 bar (1.45 psig) at 22 °C (71.6 °F) at a vacuum resistance of max. 2,000 mm WC. The domed construction also greatly reduces contamination. Sterility and cleaning is simplified (SIP/CIP Cleaning). Usually the EDP is mounted directly onto a wall. Installation of the EDP vent frame is uncomplicated and is NOT torque dependent.


The domed, single layer explosion vent is suitable for use in processes with medium vacuum or overpressure (up to 70 % of min. response pressure) and slight pressure cycling. It is particularly suitable for vessels with pneumatic filling equipment and for filters and sieves with strong vibration. The standard explosion pressure is 0.1 bar at 22°C (71.6°F). Mechanism

When pressure rises, the REMBE® explosion vent EDP opens and releases pressure out of the vessel into the surrounding area. Your advantages

The domed construction provides high stability and pressure cycling resistance.
Quick and easy installation as EDP is torque independent. No additional counter frame required.
Significant space savings due to the integrated gasket and tensioning frame in the REMBE® explosion ven