EXKOP® System

Isolation with Quench Valves

The EXKOP® system provides safe, economic and easy explosion-, spark and flame front isolation. The quench valves protect interconnected equipment by high speed closure of a fast acting quench valve. The quench valve is triggered by a signal. The complete system is fail safe due to an integrated pressure storage tank and self-monitoring controller. In case of an explosion the plant personnel can reset the EXKOP® system quick and easy by pressing a button after inspection. Plant downtime is reduced to a minimum.

The compact design from DN 80 to DN 600 permits flexible integration into your production process.

Space-saving, bidirectional isolation

This system isolates plant components in both directions and comprises a self-monitoring EXKOP® controller with data storage and one or several quench valves.


EXKOP® systems are suitable for filling lines, aspiration lines and pipes, pneumatic conveyor lines and air intake openings. As well as operating as a decoupling system for dust-bearing plants, the EXKOP® system can also be used as a spark arrester or overpressure limiter.


In the case of an explosion, the EXKOP® controller receives a trigger signal (e.g. from the signalling unit of the Q-Rohr® or an explosion vent, from a pressure switch or spark detector) and activates the connected EXKOP® quench valves. These close within a few milliseconds and thus protect adjacent plant components. After being triggered, the quench valves can be put back in operation once again at the touch of a button.