ODV Rupture Disc: Effective Overpressure Protection

The ODV is a triple-section, forward acting, rupture disc design suitable for a range of low to medium pressure applications.

This cost-effective solution comprises three rupture disc elements, a top section burst element, a sealing membrane and an integrated vacuum support, ensuring superior performance and durability across a wide range of process conditions. REMBE®’s unique manufacturing process uses precision laser machinery to create the critical burst elements to define the burst pressure for accurate, full bore, burst opening.

The ODV is an excellent pressure relief solution for a wide range of applications in various industry sectors. Compatible with conditions operating as low as 0.05 bar g, the ODV is suitable for gas, liquid and two phase flow applications. The 30° seat, forward acting rupture disc is a non-fragmenting design available from DN 20 to DN 600 (3/4”-24”)* making it the ideal solution to fulfil various process conditions.

Your advantages

  • Manufactured with REMBE®’s precision laser technology – ensures accurate performance and opening.
  • Suitable for a wide range of pressures – maximises positions where disc can be installed across the facility.
  • Versatile, corrosion resistant solution – triple-section construction ensures maximum corrosion resistance for long-term, reliable performance.
  • Compatible with a wide range of process conditions – versatile cost-effective solution suitable for numerous applications.