Smart Valve / INTEC talk: Enhancing Valve Performance and Safety

Permanent condition monitoring of valves.

SMART valve / INTEC talk

SMART Valve / INTECtalk systems permanently monitor the fulfillment of valve functions by means of high sensitive sen-sors. Additional, predict the remaining operational lifetime based on the captured data. Up to date monitored functions are actuation as well as external tightness of valves.

SMART Valve / INTECtalk systems provide reliable data about the current status of applied valves to plant operators. Correct performance of functions and failures are detected and indicated. With provided prognosis of the remaining oper-ational lifetime, the lifespan of the valves can be increased without additional costs for preventative maintenance. Cost saving ‘Predictive Maintenance’ for valves therefore becomes possible.

Furthermore, it increases safety in environmentally relevant plants due to the safe and monitored use of valves throughout their entire service life. This raises the safety level for people as well as the environment.

Field of application
  • All quarter turn valves with stem sealing, independent of operational conditions.