The ARCA Flow Group: A Global Corporate Group

Globally active, the ARCA Flow Group’s secret to success is embracing innovations by designing them around customer requirements and advancing their underlying technology to the next level. Promoting new ways of doing things goes back to the early days of ARCA, and many innovations followed to safeguard a competitive advantage for our customers. Still a family and employee-owned enterprise, the ARCA Flow Group prides itself on being close to its customers and practically oriented as a mid-sized company.

Over 500 employees around the world contribute to realizing our corporate vision, which reads as follows:

«We pursue long-term employment with ARCA, satisfaction in our work, and collaboration with customers so that both sides can be proud of the end result.»

ARCA develops, manufactures, and markets control valves on an international scale primarily for the chemical, food, power, and oil and natural gas industries. ARCA has also become a globally active corporate group and is well represented not only in Europe, but also in Asia and America with joint ventures, subsidiaries and collaborative partners in USA, The People’s Republic of China, India and South Korea. Adding to this are representatives and sales offices that can be found in all European and many non-European countries. FELUWA Pumpen GmbH and WEKA AG in Switzerland supplement the product line-up with pumps and cryogenics.