Control valves

Master of variety

ARCA rounds off its valve program with these control valves and offers three-way, double-seat, angle, and forged valves in addition to the classic valve line. This variety is what makes us the ideal partner for complete control valve packages.

While ARCA uses a design principle to standardize these valves, it also ensures that each series offers its own, unique benefits and variety for your process – from materials and piping system connections to numerous valve trims that regulate your medium in line with the application.

ARCA’s complete selection of actuators and controllers is available to meet your control requirements.

Control valves
Our innovations
  • Modular parts system
  • with standardized components
  • Flow-optimized housings
  • Optimized valve trim comprising cone
  • and seat for all application areas
  • Standardized interface to valve actuator
  • Value trims can be completely removed
  • Always the right package
  • Valve plug and
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How You Benefit
  • All nominal diameters
  • Fewer components
  • Only one special tool required
  • Low levels of noise emission
  • Optimized flow coefficients for all nominal diameters
  • Adaptable to any requirements
  • High control accuracy
  • Wide control range
  • Low levels of noise emission
  • All types of actuator can be used – pneumatic, electric and hydraulic
  • Can be easily reconfigured later on
  • Maintenance work is fast and simple
  • All internal parts can be removed
  • No special machines required
  • All interior components are clamped or screwed (no welding)
  • Safety and hermetic sealing
  • Maintenance free
  • Reduced storage
  • Cost-effective plug replacement
Additional valves – Technical data
Type 200 200 250 280 180 350 380
DN (housing)25–60025–30050–35040–25015–100150–120015–30025–400
Housing type/designThree-wayStraight-wayStraight-wayAngle
Housing materialCastCastForgedCastForged
ENfor temperaturesASTMfor temperatures
Housing – cast1.0619 GP240GHup to 450 °CA 216 WCBup to 450 °C
1.7357 G17CrMo5-5up to 530 °CA 217 WC6up to 530 °C
1.4581GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2up to 550 °C
1.7379 G17CrMo9-10up to 580 °C
1.4931 GX23CrMoV12-1up to 600 °C
2.1050 G CuSn10–196 up to 300 °C
Housing – forged1.0460 P250GHup to 450 °CA 105up to 450 °C
1.0425 P256GHup to 450 °C
1.5415 16Mo3up to 530 °C
1.7335 13CrMo4-5up to 570 °CA 182 F12 Cl.2up to 570 °C
1.7383 11CrMo9-10up to 600 °CA 182 F22 Cl.3up to 600 °C
1.4903 X10CrMoVNb91up to 620 °CA 182F91 – P91up to 620 °C
Valve trims1.4021 X20Cr13
1.4122 X39CrMo17-1
1.4571 X6CrNiMoTi17122
1.4922 X20CrMoV1 21
2.0966 / 2.0550
With cooling fins
Self-sealing pinch cap
With stuffing box control /sealing fluid connection
With bellows
Plug characteristicStandard: linear or equal percentage
Optional: linear, modified
Rangeability25:1 / 50:1
Seat leakageMetal sealing: leakage rate Class IV (0.01% of flow coefficient
Metal sealing: double-seat, type 250 Class III (0.1% of flow coefficient)
Soft sealing: Class VI
OptionsDouble guide, heating jacket, ANSI classes, additional materials