KLINGER Control Piston Valves – Precision Flow Management

The best option for control systems

The Klinger actuated valves have the piston sealing system which ensures tightness and at the same time precise control flow, its actuator is driven by a pneumatic spring long durability and robustness, the result of these features is a solution needs durable and low maintenance costs. Compatible with various types of positioners, solenoids and other accessories, They may be used in pressures of up 40 bar and to exchange their sealing rings can be made with the installed valve.

Advantages Of Control Valves

  • Control and lock in the same valve, greater security.
  • compact and economic system;
  • Precision in process control (temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc.)
  • Reduced consumption of compressed air;
  • durability;
  • They may be used in liquid, gases and steam as well as control for ON / OFF function.
  • Do not use seat or metal gasket;
  • Do not use pneumatic diaphragm.
Product Details
CLASSROOMPN-16 / PN-40 / PN-63 | ANSI 150 / ANSI 300
DIAMETER15 – 200, ½” – 8″
MATERIALCast iron-Cl A-126. B | A-216 Carbon Steel WCB | stainless steel A-351CF8M
TYPEControl valve