Accuracy Guarantee, economy and fewer stops for maintenance.

Globe valve piston has sealing Klinger Class VI, according to ANSI / FCI, level that ensures the best sealing of the world market. In addition to being more durable, which contributes considerably to reducing the frequency of disposal in nature parts, Piston Globe Valve Klinger is designed to reduce waste and avoid the emission of fluids, Steam and gases in the atmosphere, making industries save time and money, saving energy and valuable inputs.

Advantages Of Valves Piston Globe KVN
  • Low cost and practicality in maintenance;
  • long life – more than four years of use to first preventive maintenance;
  • tight seal and reliable for both the line as to the atmosphere;
  • Maintenance can be done with the valve installed in line;
  • Excellent feature control;
  • Do not use seat or metal gasket;
  • environmentally friendly.
Product details
CLASSROOMPN-16 / PN-40 / PN-63 | ANSI 150 / ANSI 300
DIAMETER15 – 200, ½” – 8″
MATERIALCast iron-Cl A-126. B | A-216 Carbon Steel WCB | stainless steel A-351CF8M
CONNECTIONSFlanges, rosca NPT e BSP, fitting and welding tip
TYPEValve piston KVN
Overview of the piston valves KVN