Rupture Disc IKB®

REMBE IKB® is suitable for applications with gas, steam and liquids (if there is a gas cushion upstream of the REMBE® rupture disc) as well as for isolating safety valves. The IKB® guaranteed a maximum safety even at high pressures. The patented manufacturing process produces an instant, full and fragmentation-free opening across the full width of the vent. High quality rupture disc produced without the need for mechanical scoring or knife constructions. This ensures exceptionally high resistance even under cyclic loads.

Customized Compact Rupture Disc

Customized compact rupture discs are used for high pressure, high vacuum applications in hydraulic, pneumatic or refrigeration systems, nuclear, offshore, pharmaceutical and chemical plants. REMBE® customized compact rupture discs even protect space applications to provide protection against overpressure and vacuum.